Using Quickbooks Makes Our Business Better

I purchased Quickbooks about a year ago because my husband wanted me to take over the accounting portion of our small business. I do have some accounting experience, so I was excited to do this to help both of us build up our business even more. I had not used Quickbooks prior to this though, so there was a bit of a learning curve. I also had to contact Intuit Quickbooks support because I did have some questions, and I was finding contradictory answers online. I figured I would go right to the source rather than potentially do something that could set us back.

The only problem with that was that it took me forever to get through to the actual Quickbooks customer service. I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting like that, so I looked for alternatives. I thought perhaps I could chat with them instead and it would be quicker, but I found something even better. I found a support line that is every bit as helpful, and there is no wait at all. They even have right on their website that the average time to answer is just ten seconds!

I was able to get right through to them, and I talked with someone who had extensive knowledge of Quickbooks. He was able to answer my question right away, and he even gave me some tips related to the issue that I was having. I implemented everything that he said, the advice as well as the tips, and it really did make the entire process much smoother. Since I have taken over and started using Quickbooks, our accounting has been spot on, and it has also been much easier. This helps us in every area where money trades hands, which is a lot!